March Milestones: Progress Update from MuslimGive 

April 16, 2024Rahima Issa0
18 Canadian Charity Ratings Published and Counting! 


A journey that started in 2023, our vision is to empower Muslim donors with expert-led, meticulously researched Charity Assessments for every Islamic charitable organization.

Our mission is simple: we research on behalf of donors to support your Zakat & Sadaqah giving decisions 

We believe that by providing objective assessments, you can make informed decisions to support charities that uphold transparency and accountability in the utilization of donations.

With this mission at heart, our team of expert researchers have been hard at work.

We have conducted assessments for 50 relief charities across Canada, the US, and the UK. Among these, 18 Canadian Charity Assessments have been published on our website, including evaluations of 15 registered charities and 3 unregistered organizations  (also known as registered non-profit organizations). More ratings are due to be published in April.


Outcome of Direct Engagement with Charities 

Our commitment to fostering positive change doesn’t stop at assessment. We’ve engaged directly with charitable organizations, scheduling calls to discuss our findings and to promote transparency. Encouragingly, all five organizations (out of 18) that engaged in these discussions implemented changes based on our assessments, updating their websites with additional information for donors. As a result, these organizations were re-assessed, resulting in improved scores.


Ratings Breakdown 

Three charities have received an ‘A’ rating, showcasing their exemplary transparency and accountability practices. However, our work also highlights areas for improvement, with two B-rated chariitiesfour C-rated, five D-rated, and four F-rated.



A-Rated by MuslimGive Badge 

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote transparency and empower donors, we’re thrilled to introduce the ‘A-Rated by MG’ badge. Keep an eye out for this badge on charity websites to easily identify organizations that have undergone our rigorous assessment process. When you see this badge, you can trust that the charity is committed to transparency and accountability. It’s our way of helping you make informed decisions and supporting charities that are making a real difference.


Stay tuned for more updates from MuslimGive!

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