Setting a Standard of Excellence: The ‘A Rated by MuslimGive’ Badge 

April 17, 2024Rahima Issa0

When it comes to charity, trust is paramount. When you donate, you want to be assured that your donation is being utilized with utmost integrity and reaching the cause you intended. 

This is where MuslimGive steps in.

At the heart of MuslimGive’s mission lies the commitment to empower donors and charities with expert-led, thoroughly researched charity assessments.

Our charity assessments help donors in making responsible giving decisions, and showcase those charities that are committed to transparency and accountability in ensuring every dollar and penny is accounted for and put to its intended use.


So, what does it mean to be ‘A Rated by MuslimGive’? 


Commitment to Transparency & Accountability

Charities awarded the “A Rated by MuslimGive” badge are beacons of transparency. They understand the significance of keeping donors informed about how their contributions are being utilized. From being registered as a charity, to having accessible financial reports, zakat policies and governance and leadership information, these organizations provide clear and comprehensive insights into their operations, ensuring donors have full visibility into their donations.

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Empowering Donors

The “A Rated by MuslimGive” badge empowers donors by offering a seal of approval. MuslimGive equips donors with a reliable metric to gauge the credibility of charitable organizations. This enables individuals to donate with confidence, knowing that their donations will be utilized responsibly.


Look for the ‘A-Rated by MuslimGive’ Badge 

The next time you are looking to make a difference , look for the ‘A-Rated by MuslimGive’ badge that signifies more than just a rating—it represents a promise of trust, accountability and excellence!


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