Generosity Knows No Bounds: Muslims Set Bar High in Charitable Giving, Surpassing Jews, Christians and Atheist- Latest Poll Reveals

March 14, 2023Amr Ali Ibrahim4

In a world where consumerism seems to take precedence over helping those in need, it’s inspiring to learn that Muslims are among the most charitable people in the world. 

While accumulating wealth can be tempting, Islam teaches that it’s important to share one’s blessings with others. In fact, hoarding wealth is condemned by Allah (SWT) in the Quran. Most Muslims understand this concept well and are committed to helping those in need through charitable acts.

According to a survey conducted by the charity Muslim Aid UK in 2020, over 90% of British Muslims gave to charity during Ramadan. The survey found that British Muslims donated an average of £371 each during Ramadan, with most of the donations going towards providing food, water, and medical aid to those in need around the world.

Similarly, a report by Islamic Relief Worldwide in 2021 found that Muslims around the world gave an estimated $70 billion in charitable donations in 2020.

The report noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on charitable giving, with many Muslims donating more than usual to support those affected by the pandemic.

Another study by the charity Penny Appeal in 2021 found that 88% of British Muslims gave to charity during Ramadan, with an average donation of £425 per person. 

Pew Research Center in 2016 stated that Muslims in the United States are more likely than any other religious group to give to charity. The study found that 80% of Muslims in the US gave to charity in the past year, compared to 79% of Jews, 71% of Catholics, and 66% of Protestants.


But why do Muslims give so much to charity? 

The answer lies in the third Pillar of Islam: Zakat, and Sadaqa. Muslims are commanded to donate a portion of their income to charity every year, which is distributed to the poor and needy.

Islam emphasizes the importance of sharing one’s wealth with those who are less fortunate, as a way of demonstrating morality, humility, and compassion.

Muslims believe that the wealth they have been blessed with is not truly theirs – it belongs to Allah (SWT), who has given it to them as a test of their responsibility and morality. They are expected to divide their wealth and give a portion of it to those in need, as a way of fulfilling their duty to Allah (SWT) and helping their fellow human beings.

Some of the practices in Islam, such as fasting during Ramadan, also serve as a reminder of the hardships faced by those in vulnerable positions. By experiencing hunger and other forms of deprivation, Muslims are better able to empathize with those who struggle to meet their basic needs.

The month of Ramadan, in particular, is a time of heightened giving. It is estimated that Muslims around the world give billions of dollars to charity during this time, with donations going towards things like food, clothing, and shelter for those in need.

But it’s not just during Ramadan that Muslims give to charity. The Pew study found that Muslims give to charity throughout the year, with many giving to both religious and secular organizations.

It’s important to note that giving to charity is not just a religious obligation for Muslims, but a moral duty as well. As the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”(Bukhari)

The act of giving is deeply rooted in Islamic teachings, and Muslims around the world continue to uphold this important aspect of their faith, even in the face of adversity.

To sum up, the evidence presented by multiple studies and reports confirms that Muslims are indeed among the most generous people in the world. Their charitable acts are not limited to Ramadan but are practiced throughout the year, and their giving reaches far beyond their own communities to support causes on a global scale.

This unwavering commitment to charitable giving is a testament to the significance of generosity in Islamic teachings, and the profound compassion and empathy that form its foundation. 

By continuing to practice charitable giving, Muslims are setting an admirable example for people of all faiths and backgrounds, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps toward a more equitable and compassionate world.

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Amr Ali Ibrahim


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